PinkVine creator Akaibi sits at a market stall featuring the Rise and Summer collections

PinkVine is primarily a one woman show, run by Akaibi and based between a studio in a converted mill in Manchester's Ancoats neighbourhood and home office in Manchester city centre. Originally trained in lingerie and sportwear design, Akaibi explored fashion & make up before revisiting the hobby of a lifetime: home decor.

The primary focus point for PinkVine has always been a fascination with how landscapes and cityscapes change with the passage of time: deterioration, decay, graffiti & improvement. In practice, this leads to fun and unexpected colour palettes and surface patterns found in all PinkVine pieces.

We also want to stress that this is a left leaning brand run by an opinionated, working-class socialist and we do not accept terf, swerf or tory money :)