My name is Akaibi Vine and PinkVine was created as a way of bringing one of a kind pieces to all sorts of homes and spaces.

I originally trained as a lingerie and sportswear designer, which in a way, couldn't be more different from what I do now. I spend most of my time in overalls, elbow deep in hand blended concrete and make every item myself, taking it from a mixture of raw materials through to finished homewares that I can bring to you.


After university had thoroughly taken any love I had for fashion away (ah, the joy of arts degrees!), I moved to Manchester and worked as a make up artist. It was a brief and joyless stint in an office role that made me realise I really needed to get back in touch with the creativity I had always carried with me, and PinkVine was born, on International Women's Day 2019.

PinkVine is now my full time job, and much like no two items are the same, no two days are the same in the realm of PinkVine. The collection, colours and techniques I use continues to grow month or month, and I appreciate everyone who is along for the ride.