Medium Marbled Plate


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These are hand poured concrete plates, made in Manchester. Each one is cast individually and will have it's own unique markings and colour play.

These are most regularly purchased as heat guards for column candles or as an accessory for flat lay photos, but are also great to display ornaments, as place settings or stood up on a shelf for a fun flash of colour.

Each plate measures 14cm in diameter and feature scratch guards on the bottom to protect your surfaces from any scuffs. Concrete is not food-safe so I would not recommend eating off of this plate without at least a sheet of greaseproof paper between it and the food.

Due to the nature of the material, you may find small inconsistencies, varying surface textures or air bubbles in PinkVine products, as these naturally occur when working with this material; all items are quality checked before they are put on sale.