Tall Asymmetric Pot


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This asymmetric pot is made from hand blended and poured concrete and because of the technique used, no two items are truly the same, meaning this would be a fantastically unique gift or addition to any home.

While these were initially made as plant pots, many people have bought these as a really decorative and unusual answer to a pen holder for their desk or studio space, and you can always perch a small ornament on the top too :) It is smooth on the sides and base, with a sanded top edge to remove any sharp edges, though there remains a slight rawness to this edge.

This size is approximately 12cm wide, 9cm tall with an offset useable space 6.7cm wide and 8cm deep. This will vary from product to product; do feel free to contact us to check exact measurements of a planter before purchase if necessary.

Due to the nature of the material, you may find small inconsistencies, varying surface textures or air bubbles in PinkVine products, as these naturally occur when working with this material; all items are quality checked before they are put on sale.