Terrain Collection Small Planter


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The Terrain Collection is inspired by natural habitats, be them mountainous scenery, beaches, or layered rock formations. Each item in this collection takes at least two separate rounds of casting and has colours and markings chosen to replicate various landscapes and each item is made as a fully one of a kind piece. £2 from the sale of each item in this collection will be donated to The Peak District National Park Foundation.

These planters are made from hand blended and poured concrete and because of the technique used, no two items are truly the same, meaning this would be a fantastically unique gift or addition to any home.

The planters are approximately 7.5cm tall, 9.3cm wide with a planting space 6cm deep and 6.7cm wide. This will vary from product to product; do feel free to contact us to check exact measurements of a planter before purchase if necessary.

Due to the nature of the material, you may find small inconsistencies, varying surface textures or air bubbles in PinkVine products, as these naturally occur when working with this material; all items are quality checked before they are put on sale.